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Running the Examples as Non-Root on SELinux Distributions

Developer instances of Kubernetes such as kind often set SELinux to permissive mode, ensuring the security subsystem does not interfere with the local cluster operations. However, in production distributions such as Openshift, EKS, GKE and AWS where security is paramount, SELinux and other security subsystems are often enabled by default. This among other things presents unique challenges when determining how to deploy unprivileged applications with bpfman.

In order to deploy the provided examples on SELinux distributions, users must first install the security-profiles-operator. This will allow bpfman to deploy custom SELinux policies which will allow container users access to bpf maps (i.e map_read and map_write actions).

It can easily be installed via from here.

Once the security-profiles-operator and bpfman are installed simply deploy desired examples:

cd examples/
make deploy-tc-selinux
make deploy-xdp-selinux
make undeploy-tc-selinux
make undeploy-xdp-selinux