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Community Meeting: January 4, 2024

Welcome to 2024!

Welcome to the first bpfman Community Meeting of 2024. We are happy to start off a new year and excited for all the changes in store for bpfman in 2024!

Below were some of the discussion points from this weeks Community Meeting.

  • bpfman-csi Needs To Become Its Own Binary
  • Kubernetes Support For Attaching uprobes In Containers
  • Building The Community

bpfman-csi Needs To Become Its Own Binary

Some of the next work items for bpfman revolve around removing the async code from the code base, make bpfman-core a rust library, and removing all the gRPC logic. Dave (@dave-tucker) is currently investigating this. One area to help out is to take the bpfman-csi thread and making it it's own binary. This may require making bpfman a bin and lib crate (which is fine, just needs a and to be very careful about what we’re exporting). Andrew (@astoycos) is starting to take a look at this.

Kubernetes Support For Attaching uprobes In Containers

Base support for attaching uprobes in containers is currently merged. Andre (@anfredette) pushed PR#875 for the integration with Kubernetes. The hard problems are solved, like getting the Container PID, but the current PR has some shortcuts to get the functionality working before the holiday break. So the PR#875 is not ready for review, but Dave (@dave-tucker) and Andre (@anfredette) may have a quick review to verify the design principles.

Building The Community

Short discussion on building the Community. In a previous meeting, Dave (@dave-tucker) suggested capturing the meeting minutes in blogs. By placing in a blog, they become searchable from search engines. Billy (@billy99) re-raised this topic and volunteered to start capturing the content. In future meetings, we may use the transcript feature from Google Meet to capture the content and try generating the blog via ChatGTP.

Light-hearted Moments and Casual Conversations

Amidst the technical discussions, the community members took a moment to share some light-hearted moments and casual conversations. Topics ranged from the challenges of post-holiday credit card bills to the complexities of managing family schedules during exam week. The discussion touched on the quirks of public school rules and the unique challenges of parenting during exam periods.

The meeting ended on a friendly note, with plans for further collaboration and individual tasks assigned for the upcoming days. Participants expressed their commitment to pushing updates and improvements, with a promise to reconvene in the near future.


  • Andre Fredette (Red Hat)
  • Andrew Stoycos (Red Hat)
  • Billy McFall (Red Hat)
  • Dave Tucker (Red Hat)

bpfman Community Info

A friendly reminder that the Community Meetings are every Thursday 10am-11am Eastern US Time and all are welcome!

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